The Ferments of Life products bring Energy!

The Lesik® ‘Ferments of Life’ products bring Energy!

Find the biological reasons here:

“The bio-electronics and the ferments are tightly linked. They make it possible to restore the ‘biological terrain’ or to maintain it by restoring cellular breathing while bringing energy by means of the electrons.”

How to correct our changing ‘terrain’ (*)?

At birth, we are a vase full with electrons which are renewed during life, but which decreases until death where there are no more electrons. So we are born electro-negative i.e. full with electrons and we die electro-positive, because during our life we continuously loose electrons. We get charged with toxic positive particles such as from: too refined food, cell phones, relays antennas, oxidized city water, EDF transformer, high voltage lines, cathodes computer screens, stress and concerns, … These are among the basic principles of life. It is what the bio-electronigram of Vincent shows us. With time our zone of “Full Health”(FH), or “our terrain”(*) , moves towards the alkaline for the pH and to higher values for the rH2 (oxidation).


(*) the French word ‘Terrain’ stands for the biological fluid environment, interior medium or ground.

In the event of disorders of health, these values move more quickly towards the oxidized and alkaline ground, as is the case with most modern man. It is thus necessary to act while as much as possible bringing back the rH2 in values close to the normal. For that, the Lesik® Ferments of Life, will bring a notable quantity of electrons to the body. (Green Arrow on the graph below with figure 3) and will make thus that the rH2 lowers. Just acidification (1) or acidification with minor reduction (2) will not bring the ‘Terrain’ back towards its initial values.


It should be noted that each unit of rH2 represents a factor 10 on the concentration in electrons. Example: If one passes from rH2 = 27 to rH2 = 23, one gains 4 units rH2, that thus corresponds to: 10x10x10x10 is a factor 10.000 on the concentration in electrons!


The Lesik® Ferments of life, developed on initially German research, have an rH2 located between 0 and 3. The concentration in free bio-available electrons is thus enormous! It is an unquestionable progress in the field of the applications of the bioelectronics, as at Louis-Claude Vincent’s time there were not yet proposed real solutions towards the correction of ‘Terrain’. These Ferments, not only will correct the rH2, but will start again cellular breathing, which will harmonize the whole of the exchanges in the body.

Comparison on the rH2 scale of the Ferments and vitamin C

If we take as comparative data the vitamin C which has a rH2 of 15, therefore a concentration of 10 to the power 27 electrons/g. Compared to the ferments, which have them a rH2 around 0, therefore a concentration of 10 to the 42nd of electrons/gram, we have a difference of 10 to the power of 15, i.e. an incredibly higher reduction, of a factor 1.000.000 000.000.000 times larger, that is a quintillion extra free bio-available electrons compared to Vit C!

In chemical terms thus, the Lesik® Ferments of Life are, strong reducers, compared to most of the other existing reducers (anti-free-radicals, anti-oxydants….) which are in comparison only weak reducers (such as the vitamin C in our example).

Inventor of the Vitamin C and Nobel prize winner Albert Szent-Györgyi stated:

‘the energy of the Hydrogen electron is the true fuel of life’.

These ‘ferments of life’ can be your super-kerosene!


The progressive disappearance of the electronic capital of the individual through oxidation corresponds to aging or disease if the impoverishment is no longer within the physiological standard.

The regular take of Lesik® ferments is thus essential to the correction of the ‘Terrain’ (interior fluid medium). For optimization it is good to associate with it a life hygiene which goes in the same direction. This healthy lifestyle can include of course walking bare feet in the morning-dew; whenever possible it will help to evacuate those positive ions and to get recharged with electrons, which is an element of ‘negativation’. Certainly and most importantly also a varied and balanced food mode should be followed. See therefore the detailed advices in our “EnjoyVity, your full spectrum of life” EBook. Get your free introduction at .

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Remember, it takes just pennies per day to help support your digestive system and your overall health. Get your full spectrum of life, now.

The food complements must be used within the framework of a healthy lifestyle and not to be used as substitutes of a varied and balanced food mode.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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