The Budwig Recipe and Diet Revised?

Dr. Johanna Budwig Cured many Degenerative Diseases Naturally with Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Sulphurated Proteins

The Budwig diet, also called the linseed or flaxseed diet, is an alternative health treatment that uses a mix of two organic foods, flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, to treat all forms of cancer and other diseases and conditions such as dementia, depression, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, acne, diabetes, high blood pressure and psoriasis. The Budwig Center, a facility in Spain, uses the Budwig diet as the base for all of the clinic’s alternative medical treatments.

History Dr. Johanna Budwig (1908-2003), a German chemist, pharmacologist, physicist and chief expert at Germany’s Federal Institute on Fats Research, discovered essential fatty acids in the 1950s; she presented in 1952 results proving that trans-fats were unhealthy. Budwig found that the blood of healthy people had high levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA), and that the blood of terminally ill cancer patients had low levels of omega-3 EFA’s. Budwig then developed a diet that included high levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids to cure cancer and other degenerative diseases. The obvious correlation between food and health became the main focus of Budwig’s work. Dr Johanna Budwig didn’t live to see the day that her theories about the effectiveness of oil-protein diets and omega-3 are finally scientifically verified. She died at the age of 95 due to complications after breaking her hip.

The Diet The Budwig diet suggests that you combine one part of flaxseed oil to two parts cottage cheese and eat the freshly prepared mixture at least once or several times throughout the day. Then, you also follow a diet that includes raw fruits and vegetables, green tea, sauerkraut juice and vegetable juice. Your diet is accompanied by light exercise, daily exposure to sunlight, and water and coffee enemas.

Dr Catherine Kousmine also supported the diet and what is since then known as the Dr. Budwig’s Cream (1 to 4 here below), and the Kousmine-Budwig breakfast recipe or Muesli:

tambouilleIts major components are flaxseed oil (linseed oil) and cottage cheese (a fresh cheese made from, at best low fat or partially skimmed, milk).

1.       6 tblsps, (90 ml) organic, cottage cheese (cow, buffle, sheep,or goat)

2.       3 tblsps (45 ml) flax oil (virgin)

3.       if too thick add some plain yogurt/or kefir

4.      2 tblsp (30 ml) ground flax seed

5.      some grated fruit, leak and/or chopped dill

IMPORTANT: Blend in blender until no oil is visible.

Avoid adding water or juices when blending the flaxseed oil with the quark. The mixture should be like rich whipped cream with no separated oil. Then grind 2 Tbsp whole flaxseeds and add (*). Afterwards you can stir in the other above (5.) mentioned and/or following ingredients to turn the ‘Budwig Cream’ into a true healthy breakfast: add juice of ½ a lemon, various fruits such as fresh, or thawed-out frozen if necessary, berries, all kinds, the darker the better. Add other fresh seasonal fruit if you like, totaling 1/2 to 1 cup of fruit. If mixture is too thick, add 1 or 2 Tbsp of fruit juice like dark grape, blueberry or pomegranate.

You can add also organic raw nuts such as walnuts or Brazil nuts and a bit of raw honey. Cheers!

(*) Freshly ground seeds become rancid within 20 minutes, make fresh and eat recipe immediately.

fruitsWe understand that the quality of the flaxseed and its oil, but also that of the fresh cheese also called ‘quark’ can influence the technique of Johanna Budwig’s oil-protein therapy and its basic recipe.

The Lesik® ferments of life, as unique synbiotics, can also be the base (STARTER) for making your fresh cheese ( ricotta, quark, maquée) with truly exceptional parameters, being always 1020th more FREE ELECTRONS /gram than in any cottage cheese on the market. The BioElectronic-Vincent measurements confirm this clearly.

It will take only 1 gram of Lesik® ferment-starter powder to make 1 liter of unique fresh quark at home which can be used in the ‘Budwig Cream’, as such or also in many other traditional recipes instead of standard fresh cheese.


How to make yourself a Lesik® fresh cheese?

Recipe for 500 gram: poor in a glass or plastic container ½ liter of (best lower fat, ~2%) milk    (cow, goat, camel or horse (*)) add/mix ~ 0,5 to 1 gram of Lesik® ferments (**) keep during up to 24 hours at room temperature (at 30C it will take less than 12 hours) then cool and store in fridge and use at will.

(*) not buffalo or sheep milk as too fat (+5%)

(**) – one can add +1 gram of ‘fenugrec’ (healthy kitchen herb) to help limit the whey during the cheese making process and to improve even its overall fresh taste

– one can use either the Lesik® Base, Curcuma or Selenium execution for it; details: .

Helpful: one can use/recuperate an existing cottage cheese plastic container with a leak-out basket to ease the whey drainage (but do drink or use this healthy whey)

Convinced these details make you can even better follow your healthy aging program.

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