Microwaves as in the oven, safe?

Severe changes of molecules appear when cooking above 110 ° C (molecules of Maillard).

Cooking in a microwave oven runs at about 75 ° C, which is below 110 ° C and should thus be harmless for our digestive system!?

An experience of three batches of mice was conducted by Professor Henri Joyeux (*) to know the effects of cooking in a microwave oven:
– The first batch of mice was fed food cooked in a microwave oven
– The second batch, got food from the pressure cooker and
– The third batch, got raw food or softly steamed (not above 95 ° C).

The first batch of mice rejected the food for a few days but ended up starving to consume.
All rodents were then inoculated with cancer cells.

Here the result as a percentage of cancer identified:
– the first batch of mice developed 100% of cancer
– the second batch, 50% and
– the third batch, O%.
Now you know the effects of microwave oven!
EAT RAW, as it is the most effective way for our body to digest food and this since millenaries.

(*) Professor Henri Joyeux is a surgeon-oncologist at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier, Director of the Laboratory of Nutrition and Experimental Oncology since 1980 at the Cancer Institute of Montpellier.
Not convincing enough? Ok, let’s microwave an egg, but outside the microwave!
We need: One egg and 2 mobiles, 65 minutes to call from one phone to the other


Set up something like in this graphic.


We’ll initiate the call between the mobiles to last for 65 min’s approximately; Nothing visible will happen on the first 15 minutes… After 25 minutes the egg starts warming up, after 45 min’s the egg is already hot; and after 65 min’s the egg is cooked!

Conclusion: If the microwave radiation emitted by the mobiles is capable to modify the proteins in the egg, imagine what it can do with the proteins in our brains when we talk through the mobiles.


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