Major reasons for early aging

Early aging has major reasons.

young-oldWho does not want to get old in good health? Why some of us are aging far too early? According to the federal government, Americans live an average of 73.7 years, but spend their last 11.7 years in “dysfunctional life”, which is marked by disease and impairment. This must mean that aging factors are beginning to create degenerative disease changes in our bodies long before the age of 62 (and again that is an average). Centenarian societies are still physically active, healthy, and happy long into their 80s – 90s while showing little if any western degenerative diseases, even into these ages. Also the early 20th century born centenarians are as likely to have lived physically active lives as sedentary ones. Consider that studies have determined that humans are biologically “set” to live well into their 120th year.
First we need to remember the statement of inventor of the Vitamin C, Nobel prize winner and  Hungarian physiologist, Albert Szent-Györgyi: ‘the energy of the Hydrogen electron is the true fuel of life‘ or ‘Life is nothing but an electron looking for a place to rest’.
Water: indeed you are what you drink and should take care of your body of water. A baby is almost 90% water but this % reduces continuously to almost 60% and even less as we truly age. Our blood is 92% and our brain is 75% water just to name these. So avoid dehydration at any moment of the day and of your life. Good health is determined by the cells’ ability to receive water. When the cells walls are no longer flexible – aging begins. The amount of water you retain has nothing to do with the amount of water you drink. When the body is forced to retain water, as it is getting less than needed, it will do this at all costs. If the fluid intake is insufficient to provide all the water required, the body withholds water from the kidneys and the urine becomes scanty and highly concentrated, imposing a certain strain on the kidneys. If that is insufficient, excessive water will be with-drawn from the intestinal tract, with the result that the feces become hard and dry. On the other hand if you drink more than your body requires, the surplus is promptly and easily eliminated. Trying to prevent the body from retaining water by drinking less is therefore not only futile but even harmful and will provoke among many other troubles and diseases edema formation, cellulites and obesity. Drink daily enough pure water! For details consult our ‘Enjoyvity, your full spectrum of life’.
Wear and tear: the effects of aging are caused by damage done to cells and body systems over time, due to use. At birth, a baby moves without stop, it is an electron volcano; at death there are no electrons left, one emptied its ‘ bag of life’. Thus ageing stand for the reduction in the making of electrons, or the diminishing of Szent- Györgyi’s ‘true fuel of life’. The way to check this easily is by the ‘bioelectronics’ while measuring the blood oxidation-reduction potential or the rH2 .  If electrons are missing, shown by oxidized blood figures, one should opt for a drastic change in its lifestyle starting with eating less possibly and then more fresh fully matured fruit and seasonal vegetables and less fried and overcooked proteins (meat) and refined carbohydrates (pasta, bread) next to moderate exercise and sufficient water intake (see above).
Taking the Q10, Vitamine C and E and especially “ferments of life” with selenium (probiotics with selenomethionine) can boost the free electron intake (rH2<2 for the ferments of life) and their assimilation at cellular/mitochondrial level. Details at .

Oxydative stress it’s an excessive production of free radicals due to environmental pollution, over-conditioned and prepared foods, polluted water, chronic inflammation, stress, alcohol, tobacco,…toxins in general (think about the >80,000 chemicals produced by industry including artificial hormones and metals), ultraviolet light and radiation. Yes, we are exposed to more free radicals than ever before. These free radicals damage our body systems and accelerate the aging process. Oxidative damage has been implicated in the cause of many degenerative diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s and has thus an impact on the body’s aging process.

The effects of our body’s own functioning can also cause damage. When the body metabolizes oxygen in the cell at mitochondrial level, energy but also free radicals are produced, the latter can cause damage to cells and tissues. When the mitochondria are malfunctioning, more free radicals are formed and less energy is generated. While healthy, about 20% of the oxygen we breathe forms free radicals. In an unhealthy state and while aging up to 80% of the oxygen we breath forms free radicals. One can measure the oxidative stress. ‘F.O.R.T.’ (Free Oxygen Radical Test) measurements makes it possible to quantify the oxidative stress of an individual and ‘F.O.R.D.’ (Free oxygen radical Defense) test makes it possible to measure the quality of the individual’s answer to these oxidative aggressions. Ask an informed physician. According to the results of the tests and to counter balance its effects one can take specific Anti-Oxidants. Antioxidants work by offering easy electron targets for free radicals. Glutathione for instance blocks free radical damage and helps to recycle Vitamins E and C, therefore plays a key role in their function. Asparagus, avocados and walnuts are particularly rich dietary sources of Glutathione it is also available as whey protein supplement. Polyphenols (flavonoïdes, tannins…), vitamin E, A, selenium, curcuma and SOD are some other examples of anti-radicalizers (neutralizers of free radicals). Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is an important enzyme  found in both the cell cytosol and the mitochondria.
Learn also about the ORAC score, the antioxidant capacity of your food thus an indicator of their anti-aging strength.

Supplementation becomes increasingly necessary in relation to our modern rhythm of life



Studies have shown that people who eat a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables are less likely to get diseases such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. A healthy overall lifestyle including the here given advices protect against premature aging.

“You are the Prism”

So, to spread the full spectrum in your life, keep your mind and body clean!
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