Choosing the right drinking water

Choosing the right drinking water and quantity on daily basis brings a sea of health!

Indeed as all information transfer in our body is done over its WATER highway.  Which water to choose then? Mineral spring waters or thermal waters taken at their source have specific virtues. At the source only we can speak about ‘medicinal’ waters. They lose their genuine parameters (co-defined by their ORP or better their rH2) and benefits once captured and bottled.

All minerals then lose their activity, flocculate and the information is lost. You are left with ‘plain’, amorphous minerals which our body cannot assimilate, as they are not ‘bio-available’.


Our body needs ‘vegetalized’, bio-compatible minerals as found in healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, herbs, seaweeds,… These plants transform these minerals based on the pre-transformation of  so called “autotrophic” primary-beings, as the bacteria present in the land whose culture respects a certain number of good rules of practice (what is not any more the case currently except in organic farming). It is under these conditions that the minerals become organo-metallic complexes or trace elements and can be assimilated by man and animals, which them are “heterotrophic”.

To be able to bring the correct information to our body cells water should be drunken at the spring in the Thermal center or as pure as possible. Pure water means less than 150 even 100 mg/l (ppm) of dry residue or total dissolved solids (TDS). Tap water needs further in-home treatment, as by a qualitative RO-membrane based system, to reduce the TDS and many possible unwanted or unknown substances.

Water can do miracles as found by Dr B (Batmanghelidj) who treated thousands just by water while imprisoned for years. Miracles not in a mystical way but meaning that it will bring relief and benefits that it can restore a balance in our body. Effects which most of us ignore or can hardly understand and consider as miraculous.

You can best dynamize, energize, vitalize this ‘pure’ or ‘light’ water. It means you have to enrich it electronically by adding free electrons! There are different ways to do so.  One easy and superior way is by using the ‘ferments of life’ which have an enormous potential and capacity of bio-sourced free electrons.

Reactivate all your metabolic body functions while drinking enough ‘electronized’ pure water.

This water will allow cellular cleaning, improve lymphatic drainage, have a diuretic effect, stimulate the residential microflora in the gut and will eliminate toxins.

Drink slowly, consciously on empty stomach and in between meals. Drinking after 10 hours fasting in the morning makes that the water will be diffused rapidly throughout your digestive system and into the bloodstream towards your cells.

Drink 1.5 to 2 liter a day and more in summer time or while being active (work, sport). To personalize even more we can suggest 1 liter per 30 kilo of bodyweight which is about a quarter gallon for every 65 pounds.

Remember: Water is most important for what it ‘takes’ from our body and not for what it ‘brings’.  Let it be your first doctor. Become a waterholic!

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