A must for your health!

Acidity and Electrons, a must for your health!

1)  Acid food, when it comes to organic acids like citric, malic even acetic transforms in the stomach under the effect of hydrochloric acid (*) in hydrogen carbonates (bicarbonates), ions which participate in the buffer systems.

These hydrogen carbonates are amphoteric ions, that is to say, they act as a base to an acid and as an acid to a base.
In the stomach environment, they become of course alkalinizing.

That’s why we have the habit of saying that, for example, lemons are alkalizing while acid. In the classification according to the index PRAL, all acid fruits have a negative index thus alkalinizing.

It’s official in biology!
(*) Strong acid, it must be remembered that the environment of the stomach has a pH of 1-3 during digestion.
Notes: contrariwise, and that is where the BEV is interesting because it makes us realize that for a given potential (~ORP), we have a gain in electrons (lower rH2) when pH decreases!

2) The question of the concentration of electrons:
At birth, we are a bowl full of electrons, that are renewed throughout life, but declines over the life, at death there are no more electrons.
We can calculate the amount of electrons existing in our body through the bioelectronics of Vincent.

To do this you need to do a blood test, and calculate the function rH2 (redox potential).
The normal blood value of rH2 is between 21 and 23, with most degenerative disease it climbs even till higher than 29 for severe diseases.
The formula below gives the concentration of electrons
[Electron concentration] = (in mol e- / L).
rH2 = 0 [e-] = 1042
rH2 = 1 [e-] = 1041
rH2 = 10 [e-] = 1032
rH ² = 21 [e-] = 1021
rH2 = 28 [e-] = 1014
rH2 = 42 [e-] = 10
We see the enormous difference that exists between rH2 21 and rH2 28
To bring energy to the body and restart the cell respiration, the Lesik® ferments of life, which have an rH2 between 0 and 5, will provide the energy necessary to restart the machine.

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