W-D. Kessler M.D. PhD.

Wolf-Dieter Kessler M.D. PhD., has been a physician for over 36 years. He was part of the lung transplant team at Montefiore Hospital in New York performing mainly electron-microscopical research on both human and canine transplanted lungs. Dr. Kessler is the Chief Medical Advisor for Ondamed Inc. (USA) and Ondamed GmbH (Germany) www.ondamed.net . He is founder of the Kessler Clinic, a unique medical facility and leading institute that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, has been in the field of medicine for over 35 years.  Since 1980, he and his staff of 13 therapists have been using functional medicine to treat patients from around the world.

What Is Functional Medicine?
Functional medicine is a medical approach that uses a variety of complementary, integrative, alternative, and conventional diagnostic techniques and therapies to find and treat the cause of malfunctions in the body.  Dr. Kessler believes that chronic diseases are caused by an underlying imbalance in the body. The imbalance is usually multicausal; in other words, there are usually many causes responsible for your health disorder.

The imbalance is caused by accumulation of toxins, which have swamped the lymph system over years or even within a short period of time. Currently about 40 000 toxins are tested. Identified toxins could be heavy metals, environmental toxins, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, fungi, metabolic toxins and others.  There are specific methods available to eliminate those toxins and thereby re-balancing the body functions.

Brain dysfunctions due to mental or emotional disorders can be identified and treated.  More details www.dr-kessler.com .

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