Iva Keene

Iva Keene is a naturopathic physician, natural fertility specialist and passionate complementary medicine advocate.

Iva has helped hundreds of infertile couples from more than a dozen countries on their path to pregnancy. She is dedicated to assisting couples with safe, effective ways to overcome infertility naturally.

Iva has applied the techniques she teaches in her private practice while conducting extensive research and study into natural fertility in both Australia and Europe. She has a bachelor of health science in Naturopathy from the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne. And a bachelor of business administration from the European University in Switzerland. She is an accredited Naturopath in Australia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Iva has provided advice on natural fertility, general health and natural sleep management to hundreds of private individuals and a number of corporations. She has presented at natural medicine seminars, written several e-books and home study courses on natural fertility, and dozens of articles and is featured in magazines in Australia and Europe including Good Health & Medicine and Top Fit.

Iva Keene publishes the ‘Ultimate Fertility’ ezine  with tips to get you pregnant ASAP. Get you FREE Fertility Tips now at www.Natural-Fertility-Prescription.com

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