Dr. Edmond Devroey

Doctor Edmond Devroey is an expert in nutrition.

He is the founder and director of the longevity Institute, a successful blogger and the author of a book that spells out for a broad readership what is wrong with the average American diet and how it can be changed to improve health and lifespan.

Through his website DocEdvAdvice.com Doctor Devroey answers e-mails from people exposing their health problems and helps them in restoring and maintaining their health with customized nutritional guidelines.

See the comments of some of his clients.

If you have a health problem, contact Dr. Devroey. He may have a solution for you

You may describe your problems in Dutch, French or English.

bookThis book demonstrates:

  • That human are still adapted to the diet prevalent 20,000 years ago.
  • That there can only be a partial adaptation to the changes resulting from the introduction of agriculture.
  • That there is no adaptation at all to more recent changes in the diet, like the excesses and the
    deficiencies of the American Diet.
  • That the combination of these excesses and deficiencies, the Seven Deadly Sins of the American diet, contribute to health deterioration.
    That the correction of these excesses and deficiencies helps restore health.


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