Dr. Andre De Zutter

Andre DE ZUTTER nose- throat-ear –allergologue is a chartered M.D., registered Acupuncturist, Homeopath, Neural-, Ozon-, Meso-, Orthomolecular- Enzyme- and Oligo therapist. Ericksonian hypnotherapistTranspersonal coach, SCIO-EFT-NLP, Bio-Electronic and Coca tester.

Doctor André De Zutter was born on 7 November 1933 in Boom/Belgium. He studied conventional medicines at the K.U.L. and became specialist NKO and allergist. Doctor De Zutter is a doctor with an open spirit and a listening ear, as witnessed by his patients. He has increasingly further specialized himself: phytotherapics, homeopathy, acupuncture, neural therapy, ozone therapy and Bio-electronics of L.C. Vincent. Also is he Master Practitioner in the NLP and he qualifies himself in transpersonal coaching and counseling. After 40 years experience he reached the finding that patients, who themselves take their responsibility for their sickness, more rapidly heal than others which nourish themselves in their sickness. Nobody knows better its body then the patient himself. Therefore the patient can heal him or herself under the skilled accompaniment of a competent doctor or therapist.

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