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Thank you for visiting Enjoyvity. We invite you to journey through our site and hope you find solutions for your personal, family or corporate development needs.

We +100 year young



J. Yves Verheyen tropical agriculture engineer, water quality specialist, speaker, author and international technology consultant. Yes we have a meaningful contribution to make. Show there is hope for the generations to come. That we can team up for a better world. We want also you to stay or re-become optimistic and be able to enjoy your long life in happiness and harmony.


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Electrosmog Wake up call from Prof. Olle Johansson

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Own your EnjoyVity Ebook, a vivid presentation, understandable for any layperson, with over 120 dynamic color pictures, 35 tables, graphs, maps to enliven the text, dynamic presentations  and +200 related links.

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Vaccination damage                               Andre De Zutter, doctor nose- throat-ear –allergologue

What happens during a normal course of a virus infection?

INPUT: virus infection is a disruption of the immune system.

OUTPUT: The healing strength of nature intervenes, energy of the body remains on level.

The healing strength of nature becomes effective. This healing strength of nature is stimulated by homoeopathic resources and it results in the healing of the patient...

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